Meesters&Gezellen is a series of concerts by young professional singers (Gezellen) and experienced colleagues (Meesters). Twenty Gezellen and four Meesters from Ensemble Aedes will prepare a challenging programme under the musical direction of Mathieu Romano (chief conductor of Ensemble Aedes. They will perform eight concerts throughout the Netherlands.

The project’s goal is to offer young singers experience in ensemble singing at a high level, in addition to their solo-singing education. Participants will become acquainted with Finnish repertoire, the Finnish sound, and the Finnish way of working together.

The repertoire

To be published in June 2019.

The repertoire contains substantial solo parts, to be performed by the Gezellen.

We are looking for:

Young professional singers, with well-developed solo voices.

We offer:

• Intensive preparation with singing coach Geert Berghs and singers of Ensemble Aedes.
• Rehearsals and concerts conducted by Mathieu Romano.

Do you want to participate?

The call for singers will be openend September 2019.

Young singers tell why they participated

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