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Meesters&Gezellen (Masters & Fellows) is an ambitious concert series by and for young professional singers.

During an intensive rehearsal period, twenty young singers (Gezellen) and four experienced singers from the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Amsterdam (Meesters) work on technique, communication and phonation. Lead by Sigvards Kļava (chief conductor of Latvian Chamber Choir) and singing coach Geert Berghs (Conservatory of Amsterdam), they work towards a high-level performance of a challenging programme. Eight concerts will take place in concert halls around the Netherlands.

Voice groups (sopranos, altos, tenors and basses) are formed by five Gezellen, in addition to one Master of the Nederlands Kamerkoor or Cappella Amsterdam.

The first goal of Meesters&Gezellen is  to offer young singers, as an addition to their training to become soloists, the opportunity to further develop their talents in ensemble singing at a high level. The second goal is to teach young singers to consider ensemble singing as an essential part of their professional development, even for a future career as a soloist.  Furthermore, it is important to develop “Nachwuchs” for the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Amsterdam.

What do we offer?

• Intensive preparation with singing coach Geert Berghs and singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Amsterdam, both individually and in voice groups.
• Rehearsals conducted by Sigvards Kļava.
• Reimbursement of costs and a small fee.

Do you want to participate?

Are you a young advanced singing student, or recently graduated, with well-developed solo voice, or otherwise a singer of comparable level? Apply 13 November 2016 latest!

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