Calendar 2024

Saturday 3 February: Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Toegang gratis)

Sunday 4 February: Grote kerk, Dalfsen

Monday 5 February: Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Wednesday 7 February: Lokhorstkerk, Leiden

Thursday 8 February: Stevenskerk, Nijmegen

Friday 9 February: Pieterskerk, Utrecht

Saturday 10 February: Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen

Agenda 2023

Saturday 25 February, 20:15: Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Free entrance, reserve)

Monday 27 February, 20:15: Orgelpark, Amsterdam tickets

Tuesday 28 February, 20:30: Stevenskerk, Nijmegen tickets

Wednesday 1 March, 20:15: Lokhorstkerk, Leiden tickets

Thursday 2 March, 20:30: Grote Kerk, Dalfsen tickets

Friday 3 March, 20:00: Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen tickets

Sunday 5 March, 15:00: Oude Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk tickets

Calendar 2022

Saturday, June 18: De Bron, Amsterdam

Sunday, June 19: Janskerk, Maastricht

Monday, June 20: Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Wednesday, June 22: TBA, Leiden

Thursday, June 23: Pelgrimvaderskerk, Rotterdam

Friday, June 24: Grote Kerk, Dalfsen

Saturday, June 25: TBA, Breda

Sunday, June 26: Stevenskerk, Nijmegen

Calendar 2021

Wednesday, September 1: De Bron, Amsterdam (20:30)

Thursday, September 2: Stevenskerk, Nijmegen (20:30)

Friday, September 3: Grote Kerk, Coevorden (20:15)

Saturday, September 4: Grote Kerk, Dalfsen (20:30)

Sunday, September 5: Paterskerk Domusdela, Eindhoven (15:00) – cancelled due to corona measures

Wednesday, September 8: Orgelpark, Amsterdam (20:15)

Thursday, September 9: Marekerk, Leiden (20:30)

Friday, September 10: Majellakapel, Bussum (20:15)

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