Get to know the Meesters: Inga Schneider

ingaParticipants of Meesters&Gezellen work with four experienced professionals (Meesters) of Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Amsterdam. Each of the four voice groups is coached by one Meester, and this year the altos will work with mezzo-soprano Inga Schneider. Throughout her career, Inga has sung both as a soloist and in various ensembles. As of 2000, she has been a regular member of Cappella Amsterdam.

Inga describes “singing together as one voice” as “creating a new thought together, which you could have never thought of alone,” and “creating a ray of white light containing all seven colours of a rainbow, representing the different colours of the voices blending into one beautiful sound.”

Experiencing the sound you hear and produce at exactly the same time

What’s more, the experience of singing together “brings the pleasure of experiencing with all your senses the sound you hear and you produce at exactly the same time.”

Inga has been an avid lover of chamber music already since her childhood: “It’s great having had the chance being a professional chamber musician for such a long time. So, If YOU love being a chamber musician singer…”, apply now! You have a couple of days left to do so!

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